I have two tickets for Nahko and Medicine for the People that I need to sell!


The show is at the Charleston Pour House on October 18th. 
Tickets are currently selling for $18 each online but you can have them for $15 each!
If you’re interested, send me a message and I’ll make a paypal link for you and send you the tickets in an email. 

I’m moving out of Savannah before the concert so it doesn’t make much sense for me to drive that far. 

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my aesthetic is the kid on the playground who tells all the other kids that ring around the rosie is about the black plague

One time I got in a whole lot of trouble at school when I was 6-7  because I told this one kid that the sun will eventually become a Red Giant and envelop the earth killing all life on this planet and when he asked if aliens would come save us I said “nah probably not” and he started crying and basically had a panic attack in the library. I had to sit with the teachers at lunch that day. 

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"Crazy plant lady" doesn’t even come close. 

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I don’t think I ever posted about the singing bowl that I got from @rosemaryfairy, so here it is! I love it so dearly

Signal Boost - Asheville Area, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue need your help!


BROTHER WOLF ANIMAL RESCUE (BWAR) needs to find a foster home for Lady ASAP! Please spread the word and help this sweet girl out!

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Do you remember Lady, the dog who was given to us after living her entire life in a nursing home? We told you about her separation anxiety. It is very severe. This post is an URGENT request for help for Lady. The first night in our adoption center, she broke her foot trying to escape. She went to a foster home, and was returned. Lady does best as an only dog. Last night, she injured her other leg badly and now has an infection. She can not be left alone at night and no matter what we do to protect her, she keeps hurting herself trying to escape. If you are able to foster her, and work from home or are retired, please email us at foster@bwar.org We want to help Lady but she needs a quality of life, which currently, at our adoption center- she does not have. We can not continue to watch her deteriorate and hurt herself. Please help if you can. We have a full time behaviorist who will help you with any and all you need.

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River Love::Angus Stone

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